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642-627 VCE

Shen Dong Yu out of the dark, a blue gown, looks a lot less clear, Oracle 1Z0-030 exam directed at the moon a bow in the end : verily to seven Miss East apologize, that day...... sorry ! Issued a document when it is found today is Valentine's Day ah ! Ah, ah, tell Microsoft MCTS exam are nice day, Oh, I wish the pro Happy Valentine's Day ah ! May the world lovers get married, parents who can marry the wind from such a good man ! From Princess cook ? Not only from the wind, even the valley Jun, pure iron, Bi Yan so stare, watching the birds, like the shuttle on the moon Zaotang.

Of course, because the hand was injured sake, vegetables, vegetable and cook all share the Bi Yan. Yes, there is light a fire. But the princess used to the microwave oven, electric range, Microsoft Windows 7 exam which will light a fire, ah, look at that big mouth scared first on the stove, cook quickly captured light a fire. Fortunately, the wind from the escape, was taken away to light a fire otherwise dignified princes, came to less than arouses joke ah ! Firewood resolved, but that cauldron and large spatula is not a weak weak princess can move and dance, the moon was glad that she learned martial, with the wind from the internal forces there last night to help open up the lotus symbol, Microsoft MCTS exam today energetic can have a go.

The moon will pull air from the chief to sit on, give Microsoft MCTS exam scoop soup to drink, give the fish fetched a spoon, fork proudly waist, watching the wind from eating. Gu Jun, pure iron, when the text is sympathetic to the wind looked away, these dishes are nice, the problem is you eat it? We all know that seven former Miss palace home of silly, not long awake, either before or now, no one had to listen Microsoft MCTS exam under the kitchen, even the Bi Yan said they do not know Microsoft MCTS exam cook, do Microsoft MCTS exam the food you eat it? Wind can not so much from the idea, let eat eat moon, thinking himself a poison, even poison all right, let alone eat these dishes worst thing hurt my stomach, so why mess with this thing moon happy too !