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Well, kid, hair no longer homogeneous want to protect people, do not worry, my sister will never forget you, so pack up behind you Microsoft MCTS exam woman, to take you back to teach teach ! Ran main fact facing small round face color color laughed, surrounded by messenger burst into laughter. Ye Weiyang glanced around, plus the main fact in this round face, a total of six people riding around Microsoft MCTS exam. After some of these people run, breath some instability, presumably not a martial arts master, but now she does not have any weapons in the hands of the one, and secondly, after all, less Lindi experience some confusion in this case, there can be audible if the hands tools like.

Ran anxious, reflexive clinging to leaves is young to resist that swoop over the back of the sword ! Suddenly, the leaves are young naked brain flash, Ran right hand clinging to a small waist, feet toe point flights up, stretched out his left hand finger food in order to refer to the sword, to meet the murderous heavy sword. It carries Kazunari skill Bangzhong leaves Weiyang swoop toward the past, a move intended to be an epoch-making will be split in half leaf is young. Weiyang Ye Shen surface water, avoiding the menacing knife, a Xuanshen in the air, the wind refers to the point in this Bangzhong hindbrain jade pillow point, then leisurely fall, its posture neat and beautiful, not a cent of embarrassed, so that those sitting in the high- head of its Microsoft MCTS exam Bangzhong are immediately seen crazy.