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642-651 question and answer

Come, this slut to drag heavy stick thirty ! Lion 's rage echoed in my ears, Yuji That shocked a serious matter, and quickly climb over and huggedleg, eyelid where tears roll down one Lord, beg Cisco CCIP exam spare Concubine this once, Yu Kyi no longer afraid of...... unfortunately Qintian Ling without looking at her, his face disgust, cold channel : drag ! Lord, do not beg Cisco CCENT exam Thirty stick down Yuji would have been dead ! Piercing cries return was ruthless disregard for the moment the evening among the also helpless, could only watch as the guards drag the Concubine, his face red with tears her makeup on, eclectic stuff this time change was thrown into a panic.

Yuji miserable cries resounded in the ears, everyone has homing hall, quiet surging undercurrent beneath the surface, anything in Noble had a few little tricks people were all worried about themselves, everyone has just discovered that two princes have such ruthless side. And turn to the line of sight and concentrated in the evening among the body, last night has let Cisco CCIE exam essential unbearable torment, where there is thought to accompany Cisco 642-902 exam deal here, and now want the matter to be settled early, cold opening: two princes the summoned not just to make myself what Huang Fuchu evening among the rules ?

Such a thing is Yuji downtown, Qintian Ling originally anger has dissipated a half, it seems that she is not against intentional and myself, as long as she obediently stay after Fuchu, Cisco CCIE exam big things in the past can let bygones be bygones. Even at the moment Cisco 642-902 exam heart did not notice, originally did not intend to punish her ​​ Cisco 642-902 exam it just this day no trace of her, not knowing miss intolerable. Qintian Ling just leave it touches a touch of the evening among the grateful heart, lean slightly bowed and said: Multiple Xieer Huang child reminding me. Cisco 642-902 exam Later moved Zhaohua Court to live it.